Levelling Up with Clams Casino

“The sounds [Lil B and I] made, or came to be known for, we figured it out together, we made that together.”

Sneak Peek

KEEN UNEEK Monochrome Collection

Wear these sandals with pride.


Afiq Iskandar: “The first Prime Minister of Malaysia [of] non-Malay, non-Bumi [descent] is probably wearing Tarik right now.”

The founder of Tarik Jeans on oppression, consumerism, and sustaining a brand.


Ohrwurm 6th Birthday: Session 2 with Robag Wruhme & Scharre

Fri, 16th Dec '16

10pm - 6am

Elysium Bar+Terrace


Ohrwurm 6th Birthday: Session 1 with Amelie Lens & Farrago

Sat, 10th Dec '16

10pm - 4am


Sneak Peek

Showroom x Vans ’21:30′ Collection

A sneaker launch followed by a party after.


Ramayan, Standing on Their Own Feet Together

“I think for us, psychedelic in our context is in the mindset, not the genre.”


Laila’s Lounge: “People tend to call us Radiohead of Malaysia — we’re trying to get away from that now.”

We catch up with Hadi and Wandi as they talk to us about their mission to hit the mainstream.